Today, I needed to connect two PCs to share an Internet connection, namely, my netbook (Windows XP), which has a wireless Internet connection, and my PC (Ubuntu 9.10), which does not have a wireless adapter. After some conversation with my friend Google Search, I found out that I can do this with a crossover cable and the Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP. This was supposed to be very simple 🙂 However, because there is always however when your messing with computers, it turned out that Internet Connection Sharing requires that the IP address is not used by anyone. And, of course, this was not the case, my router was set up to use this address. Now, you think well that is easy just change the IP address of the router. I agree, it is easy, if you know the password for the router,  but you see, my router actually belongs to my landlord and I don’t know the password and, my landlord is  on a holiday. I know, the whole story sounds like a Series of Unfortunate Events. But in the end it has a happy ending.

I wasn’t ready to give up, so, I continued searching online to see if there is a way to change the IP address that the Internet Connection Sharing  requires, but the Microsoft web site assured me that this is not possible. Actually, they call it a “know issue”. I know what you think, only Microsoft can do such a thing.

So, I was sitting in front of my computer thinking that maybe I should install Ubuntu on my netbook, when my roommate finally woke up (4:00 pm). He got interested in the problem, tried brainstorming,  but I already tried everything that he suggested, the he came up with the idea that I should try installing a proxy server on my netbook, and set up the browser on my PC to use the proxy on my netbook. There was nothing left to lose, we installed a trial version of WebScout (a  Windows proxy server) configured the proxy server and the browser on my PC and in less then 5 minutes I had Internet on my PC. What an adventure! What a relief!