Once my odyssey about sharing the Internet connection between two PCs ended, I expected that I can enjoy my Internet uninterruptedly. And again one HOWEVER. This time I wanted to use SVN to checkout one project I am working on (located on a server in my lab). I typed:

svn co https://server-in-the-lab.edu/project


in the terminal and it responded that it cannot resolve the domain server-in-the-lab.edu. I tried accessing the server from the browser and it was working fine. So, the problem was with SVN. As usual, I asked my friend Google Search if he knows anything about this. Don’t get me wrong, he is a nice guy, but sometimes he talks a lot before he gets to the point. But let’s make a long story short. I found the solution. In my home folder in Ubuntu there is a folder .subversion. You can see this folder by typing:

ls -a

in your home folder. In that folder, there is a file named servers. In this file, there are quite a few lines that are commented. If you find the section [global] you will see that right underneath it there are the following lines:

#http-proxy-exceptions = …

#http-proxy-host = …

#http-proxy-port = …

I uncommented the last two lines. On the first line, I put the IP adress of my proxy server (, while, on the second line, I put the port number of my proxy server (8080). I tried again and it worked. Now, I’ll get back to my code.